Art Stone Group

We create pieces of art from the finest sorts of European marble and other natural stone. In our work we are inspired by magnificent Italian architecture. There, in sunny Mediterranean lands, our best products are born.

We use the most advanced tools and technologies – thus, a major part of all orders is done manually by Russian and foreign craftsmen with great experience and perfect artistic taste.

Monumental and elegant, graceful and gourmet, classic and sharply fashionable - for many centuries stone products have been a luxury decoration in elite houses of the aristocracy. These masterpieces passed down from generation to the next and became not only family, but also national heritage. This classic is always at the peak of popularity.

Nowadays it is easy to decorate your house with authentic fireplace and garden with handmade fountain or sculpture – just contact Art Stone Group. More than ten years our company has been successfully operating in the market of luxury products for interior and landscape. We manage projects both for country residences and villas, and works in stone for commercial and public facilities: head offices, business centers, hotels, restaurants and club areas.

Based on centuries-old traditions and advanced technologies, we produce

All configurations and designs of fountains



The elements architectural décor

Goods for landscaping

Hardscape elements

In every project we put: experience and knowledge of the best sculptors, architects and decorators, hundreds of hours of hard manual work of the best craftsmen, all customer ideas and requirements incarnated in unique creative solutions.

We not only produce and develop stylistic concepts of products, but also help our clients to take care of them in the future.

Ordering any product in our company, you can be confident that you get a unique element of interior or landscape which won’t lose its relevance and appeal over the years and will be a true decoration of your space.

Integrated solutions for country real estate are a priority direction for Art Stone Group. We create a unique ensemble in stone on the individual project in cooperation with our partners - leading architectural and design studios of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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